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Displayed size to print size

PixelConverter en│2018/09/26

Converts the measured value of the image displayed on the screen to the print size. It's useful for cropping part of an image and printing it.

(1) Select "From Image" in the lower tab menu and choose "Scr to Prt" in the upper navigation menu.

(2) Select print type and display in use. Enter the measured value of the image in the input form named "Displayed size". Calculate by tapping the calculation button. screen_e12.png

- It's necessary to display the image at zoom ratio of 100% on the screen. Other than that it can not convert correctly.
- Printing resolution and display resolution affects conversion. You can change both on the SETTINGS screen (PRINT DPI/DISPLAY PPI).
- You can set the zoom ratio of the arranged image to DTP software as calculation conditions (v.1.2 or later). You can change this on the SETTINGS screen.
- Unit can be selected from 5 types of mm, cm, point, inch and pica. You can change this on the SETTINGS screen.
- The conversion result is the maximum value. It's OK if it's smaller than this. The result is rounded down to the second decimal place (mm, point) or the third (cm, inch, pica).

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