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PixelConverter en│2022/10/17

v.2.3.0 (2022.10.17)
- Corresponds to iOS16 and fixed some display disturbances.
- Supported OS is iOS12.0 or later.

v2.2.1 (2020.6.18)
- Made a minor correction.

v2.2.0 (2020.6.17)
- A part of the UI has been changed to match the parts for iOS13 (for iOS13 and later).
- Added support for iOS13 dark mode (for iOS13 and later).
- Supported OS is iOS 11.0 or later.
- Added privacy policy.
- Other minor changes have been made.

v2.1.0 (2018.9.26)
- Unit display of each screen was unified to px, mm, cm, pt, in, pica.
- Bleed size in "PAPER SIZE to PIXEL" has been made selectable from 3 types on "SETTINGS" screen. They are 3mm, 9pt, 0.125in.
- It corresponds to display size of iPhone Xs Max.

v2.0.1 (2018.8.3)
- Bug fixed.

v.2.0.0 (2018.8.1)
- This Program is completely rewritten in Swift.
- This app is now compatible with iPhone X.
- This version now supports iOS 9.0 or later.
- The resolution is now displayed in the conversion result of image size.
- Some other bugs were fixed and texts were also modified.
- An English version of this app was added.

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